The NetEnrich Services Gateway

NetEnrich uses the NetEnrich Services Gateway (NSG) powered by Vistara, and partner portal to access, monitor and manage devices. When monitoring thresholds are reached by a device, alerts are generated and transmitted back to the partner portal via a secure web services channel. The NOC engineers or administrators who process the alert are granted access to only see what is required of them to immediately remediate the issues that triggered the alert. The NSG is primarily used for management operations.

All device and console activity is recorded and all activity performance is logged and stored in a secure data center located at San Jose-CA, Phoenix-AZ and Santa Clara-CA. This provides complete accountability and transparency of all actions performed on the managed servers and devices. In addition, all configuration data, monitoring and audit data are backed up in the NetEnrich Services Management CloudTM.

The NSG is an enterprise-class software that delivers:

  • Automated device discovery and on-boarding capabilities
  • Device monitoring
  • Secured access control
  • Session recording of all activity

Automated Device Discovery and On-Boarding

During the on-boarding process, the NSG initiates discovery of network switches, routers, firewalls, VoIP, and servers. This information is pushed to the NetEnrich NOC via a “call-home” feature. The NOC uses the information gathered during the on-boarding process to start monitoring and management services on the target devices.

Device Monitoring

The NSG is designed to monitor servers, applications and network infrastructure using SNMP, WMI, and IPMI protocols. Monitoring windows may be set to different time intervals (e.g. every 10 seconds, 2 minutes, etc.,) depending on IT requirements.

Secured Access

The NSG grants access to target devices for administrators either by role, scheduled time window or trouble ticket relevancy. Administrators tasked with troubleshooting a problem on a device (either a SOP process or full troubleshooting session) will only see what is required for them to remediate the issue. They are not granted any further access.

Session Recording

All sessions by remote NOC engineers or administrators on a target device are recorded and attached to the appropriate trouble ticket associated with the problem. This provides complete accountability and audit trail for any work done on the environment. This level of documentation also enables easy rollback to a previous configuration of a device in case any NOC action does not proceed exactly as planned.


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