The $1M MSP Question Part 1: How do you rapidly scale service delivery without adding staff? (hint: O2 Optimize Operations)

MSPs get no respect. Day-to-day customer network management is costly – in terms of both man-hours and actual costs. Your customers shift the burden to you, because they’ve discovered that it’s major drag on their own internal IT departments.

The same can be said for customers wrangling with the new challenges presented by cloud computing. They want all the flexibility of cloud applications, but they’re not necessarily pumped about managing a virtual infrastructure and all its operational challenges. (Yes. We know. Cloud is supposed to be much easier. But we also understand that it’s yet another asset to be managed – virtual or otherwise.)

So, the million dollar question for both you and your customers will always be about increasing service levels (NOC, cloud or some other support function) without incurring big costs in terms of staff additions or oppressive round-the-clock shifts.

Start Breathing More O2

The key is to optimize operations (O2 is our slightly less than clever way of thinking about it). This involves:

    • Managing ISPs


    • Minimizing downtime


    • Optimizing the performance and reliability of networking infrastructure


    • Troubleshooting service issues


    • Performing root cause analysis


    • Maintaining and monitoring Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) remediation for cloud applications


    • Supporting new customer cloud initiatives

All these tasks are especially critical for customers that demand virtualization, customized security, VoIP/telepresence solutions, mobile support, storage strategies and more robust networking in general.

Part 2 of this article dives deeper, with examples of how NetEnrich helps you rapidly scale service delivery without taking on high overhead burdens.