The IT Support Manifesto – Fear and Loathing on the Break-Fix Trail

Hello and welcome to my personal hell. My name’s Employee #17. I run a managed services business for several small to large companies who know absolutely nothing about the realities, possibilities and idiosyncrasies of IT support. . . . and this is my personal venting space. Here is where I reveal my innermost gripes about the crazy ways I patch together networking, storage, and server support solutions. Ok – here’s a quick example.

Last night I stayed up until 3:00 A.M. – “enhanced” by several Bawls Guarana cocktails – patching and rebooting 200 desktops at a client location. Why so late, you ask? Well – I hate to complain (not really) – but this particular customer demands that all of this take place after hours. And.. we don’t employ a 24X7 staff, so I get stuck with all the fun and games. Also, I’m on the hook for everything, including daily break-fix, customer support calls and uptime for more than 530 devices their employees use. Another one of my customers is always changing software and trying out new systems that require very specific subject matter experts.

They want process-driven escalation matrices and specific certifications which we don’t have, because we’re so busy hustling to keep their machines up. It’s crazy! And, check this out, my boss expects me to grow revenue and attend to more high-level consulting engagements! In short, I’m dying. I need to get a grip. It’s Bawls to the wall for me, but there’s some relief in sight. I’ve recently leveraged a stealth organization that should help me get some of these things under control. More on that later. For now, though, I’m trying to reduce the pain. Trying to stop the nicks and cuts and slow bleeds that come from a thousand razor-sharp “emergencies” from the client side. Check back often. I’m digging these riffs and would love to hear what you’re going through?