The Key to Successfully Scaling Your IT Operations is Elasticity

When it comes to cloud computing, one of the fundamental value propositions put forth by many of today’s cloud services companies is the ability to provide “elasticity.” What this means is that depending on demand, these modern cloud services platforms are able to configure themselves in an “elastic” fashion, automatically provisioning new servers to instantaneously support spikes in demand, while at the same time, decommissioning resources immediately, when demand for services drops.

The concept of “elastic” computing is a dramatic departure from the way in which IT organizations scaled their resources to meet fluctuating demand, prior to cloud computing. In fact, one of the only ways to scale IT systems up and down back then was to manually add or remove servers and other IT resources — a time-consuming, inefficient and complex process that often resulted in a prolonged time-to-market, lower productivity and increased costs.

While elasticity has made a significant impact on how IT organizations leverage cloud computing, this concept does not simply begin and end with cloud services. One such example of this is NetEnrich’s Enterprise Command Center (ECC), an industrialized solution, which supports both an elastic shared services model and an IT operations platform, meaning that it operates much like an IT operations resources and services cloud.

For example, should demand for IT services rise, the ECC will re-configure itself automatically to provide more of the monitoring, management, maintenance, troubleshooting and other services that are needed to accommodate the increase. Likewise, when demand is reduced, the system will automatically scale back the services that are being rendered, and reallocate resources to where they are needed most.

Elasticity is just one of the many ways that NetEnrich’s ECC is helping IT organizations reduce costs, increase growth, and scale their services, while still maintaining control of the user experience.  In doing so, it frees up bandwidth of a company’s valuable Level-3 engineers so that they focus on strategic projects that benefit the business.

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– Chris Joseph