The silent revolution in the IT infrastructure market

A recent study by the IEC, infrastructure executive council states that enterprises are changing the way they manage their IT infrastructure. Some of the factors contributing to this change are: Shrinking infrastructure footprints, ubiquitous demands for more effective/comprehensive collaboration; service expectations rapidly redefining as distances increase, from managing availability to ensuring speed and stability of system response; new environments revealing weaknesses in the fit between applications and infrastructure; test environments becoming a less and less reliable predictor of the production environment.

IEC also talks about ‘infrastructure anywhere’ which means overcoming the challenges posed by long distances and aggressive shared services consolidation. Infrastructure anywhere aims to deliver service anywhere. Business gets done while still shrinking infrastructures physical footprint and dispersing infrastructure staff to locations possessing advantages in cost or expertise. IEC sees leaders of this movement with priorities which diverge in four specific areas namely service provisioning, performance across distances, collaboration platforms, timely technology development.

NetEnrich understands the service provisioning needs of its customers as the drivers of service and tailors/customizes service needs to deliver the right value and level of service.

For optimum performance across distances, network could be a limiting factor and it needs to be expanded to keep pace with business as operations expand. Globally unified secured NOCs following the sun are intrinsic to NetEnrich service delivery. NOCs are staffed with certified engineers to assist customers 24/7. We operate on a 100% uptime basis with secure network connections at all levels.

Timely technology deployment means mapping the technology maturity to business needs to enable more a more aggressive approach towards disruptive technologies without raising the risk. Our Virtual Private Management Gateway, enables customers to meet their complex needs and assists in augmenting their technology stack.