Three Reasons Why VARs and MSPs Should Team with NetEnrich

A number of VARs and MSPs have chosen to enter the cloud services arena through a traditional andmore expensive approach – investing heavily in developing the infrastructure, applications and expertise to deliver common and complex cloud and IT services. Others, including myself when I was part of an MSP firm, decided partnering vs. building made more sense.  We said “no thanks” to building our own infrastructure and instead teamed with NetEnrich to provide the infrastructure and IT management support. And, one of the best parts was that no one knew because it was all done under our own brand.

There are so many advantages to taking the latter route – especially when it comes to providing the underlying IT infrastructure monitoring and management, application and workload automation services. And again, speaking from experience, these types of services are essential to an MSP or VARs success and will make a huge difference in customer service and satisfaction.

If you’re on the fence about whether to build out or partner up, allow me to present three reasons why teaming with NetEnrich makes sense:

1)    It’s an all-in-one platform. Our technology and services expertise remotely monitors and manages IT infrastructure environments ranging from the simple to complex. Whether your infrastructure encompasses private cloud, public cloud, unified communications, virtualization or a combination of these platforms, we will keep you up and running, 24/7.

2)    We have your back (end). With NetEnrich, you won’t be left out to dry with false positives and other errors to sort through. We assist your support staff by triaging all of your back-end errors before elevating the most important ones, saving time and money, for you and your clients.

3)    We help you win that big-ticket business.  With NetEnrich, you’ll be able to leverage our remote IT infrastructure management services to grow your cloud services business well beyond what you could have achieved using internal resources. Because you won’t be spending time developing building and supporting your own cloud services infrastructure, your staff can instead focus on selling services and developing those recurring revenue streams.

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 –Chris Cramer