Virtualization Introduces New, Unique Challenges for IT

Virtualization delivers compelling business value by improving availability of servers, enabling application scalability and reducing costs across the board. See our earlier post about virtualization savings and market growth.

The technology allows companies to consolidate their operations while reducing capital expenses, space, storage and power. It’s a much better model than the traditional ‘one server, one application’ model.

But all is not completely rosy with virtualization. Typical deployments create new and expanded requirements for systems management. Server virtualization introduces a new layer between the operating system and hardware, and it creates new objects which need to be managed. These objects include virtual host systems, guest virtual machines, operating systems and applications deployed in virtual machines. Managing all these elements can become a laborious and tedious process, especially if you have to do it for multiple customers on a 24/7 basis.

Another problem is that conventional tools don’t help with complex virtual management tasks. Legacy tools are not designed for virtual environment. They don’t scale and can’t support a distributed infrastructure.

You could your put high-paid IT staff on the job for manual management and monitoring. That’s a gamble, however. Some might not have the required level of expertise to troubleshoot environments at a granular level. Plus, if they burn valuable time on virtualization “baby-sitting,” you can’t use them on more strategic opportunities.

Another angle is compliance and enforcement of IT policies and standards. Without effective and automated policy based management, IT organizations are exposed to security and compliance risks and are faced with downtime and higher costs. Virtualized infrastructure needs to be effectively managed, correctly configured and needs to be optimized, compliant and secure.

Ultimately, you need to have sustainable management efforts in place, or you’ll lose the benefits of virtualization and dynamic resource allocation. Real-time, comprehensive visibility is needed to effectively manage these complex virtual infrastructures.

So, what to do? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tap a team of expert certified professionals to help you manage your customer platforms with a rigorous set of well defined processes and best practices?

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