Why is Runbook Automation Important?

It’s not uncommon for IT enterprises to use a combination of on-premise and cloud-based technologies to run their businesses. Today’s modern IT infrastructure includes a variety of technologies such as advanced premise-based networking and storage hardware, cloud-based applications, smartphones and tablets. The technology is out there and readily available. The challenge is knowing how to manage it. 

To help improve IT operations management, many enterprises use Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) solutions. While this is a step in the right direction, one of the most common mistakes when deploying RIM is the reliance on manual processes and runbooks.  Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you should use it.  Many manual operations are prone to error, offer slow response times and can eat up costly man-hours. This actually hampers the overall efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations, not improves it.

What IT enterprises need is automation and customization of their processes and runbooks, to meet the unique requirements of their organization.

Yet, how does an enterprise approach automation of manual processes and runbooks in a systematic manner, versus an ad-hoc approach? How do enterprises identify the types of metrics, objectives, and goals that should be put in place for measuring the effectiveness of automation? How can automation be used to improve costs, quality, speed, availability, and performance of the IT environment?

These are all important questions that the NetEnrich NetAutomata™ framework for automation can help address! Powered by Vistara, NetEnrich NetAutomata is a proven, metrics-driven framework for automating manual processes and runbooks. Some of the key benefits of using the NetEnrich NetAutomata framework include:

  • Improved processes through automation
  • A reduction in errors that lead to improved quality
  • Faster cycle times for processes
  • A reduction in man-hours and costs associated with executing processes
  • Higher availability and improved performance
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved compliance
  • A reduction in business risk

When IT enterprises leverage NetEnrich NetAutomata, process and runbook automation can be achieved in four steps, as outlined in this diagram below.

To learn more about how NetEnrich NetAutomata can help you automate your manual IT operations processes and runbooks, drop me a line at chris.joseph@netenrich.com or visit www.netenrich.com.

– Chris Joseph