Why MSPs and CSPs are Crucial to the Cloud Services Equation

Today’s businesses have reached the point where they are no longer asking what the cloud is. Instead, they look at ways they can leverage the cloud to avoid costly on-premise hardware investments, and build, host or deploy applications and services that will bolster business capabilities and deliver greater market advantage. But the decision to move to cloud isn’t being made overnight and it’s certainly not being made without outside influencers.

Yes, businesses can gain tremendous returns from their cloud investments, but the cost of building and sustaining clouds has the potential to erase those gains if the team in charge doesn’t know the ins and outs. That’s why today we’re seeing more and more businesses – small to large – turn to third-party CSPs and MSPs to deliver the infrastructure, application and workload automation brought forward by the cloud.


In the latest NetEnrich Guest Blog post for Talkin’ Cloud, Justin Crotty makes the case for collaborative partnerships — challenging solution providers, professional cloud services firms, and third-party software and hardware vendors to work closely together to provide the services and capabilities that meet the dynamic and changing expectations for the enterprise cloud marketplace.