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How to achieve Cloud Agility and Scale with DevOps? 

In this webinar, we discuss how DevOps can help organizations achieve cloud agility and scale by going through the core principles, and the full stack of tools and processes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the best practices and adopt DevOps in your organization.


The key takeaways from this webinar include:

Driving measurable outcomes/KPIs from a successful implementation.




We discuss some of the most important challenges faced by organizations in the absence of DevOps, and showcase the benefits gained by the right implementation of DevOps.

Ram Middela stresses that DevOps is all about teamwork and as a practice it aims at merging Development, Quality Assurance and Operations teams with a single continuous set of processes.

The DevOps culture adheres to the following CAMS principles:

  • Culture of human communication, technical processes and tools
  • Automation of the processes
  • Measurement of the KPIs
  • Sharing feedback, best practices and knowledge

How can you avoid the common challenges in the software development lifecycle?

Why is a responsive feedback mechanism important for continuous improvement?

Enabling a holistic approach to DevOps using the full stack of tools, automation and processes.

On-demand webinar


Ram has more than thirteen years of experience in datacenter and cloud technologies. His expertise lies in delivering cutting edge technology projects, managing customers, and building practices.

Ram Middela 
Practice Head, NetEnrich