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How to achieve Cloud Agility and Scale with DevOps?

DevOps resolves the most common challenges resulting from traditional IT like delayed releases, high failure rates, organizational silos, compliance bottlenecks, manual processes, and legacy systems.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the best practices and adopt DevOps in your organization.


In this actionable webinar you will learn:


Join our speaker Jon Myer from NetEnrich for a 30-minute webinar 
'How to achieve Cloud Agility & Scale with DevOps’, where he will discuss in detail about how our unique approach for DevOps can help your organization adopt lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle for process and performance improvement while fostering innovation and enabling a responsive feedback mechanism.

Join the Live Webinar:
December 12, 
10 am PT

Jon Myer

How can SCRUM with DevOps enable cloud agility and scale for hybrid cloud environments?






In a service-oriented cloud world, not implementing DevOps can pose serious challenges. Treating your code as infrastructure, automating your infrastructure with code, or automating alerts and issue resolution isn’t easy. Enterprises are struggling to deploy tools such as Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Graphite, Cabot, Monit, Collectd, Statsd etc for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). 

Learn how to leverage Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services (AWS) powerful capabilities such as Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Azure Test Plans, Azure Artifacts, Azure Lab Services, Azure Repos, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodeStar to light up a full stack for DevOps.

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How to reduce deployment failures, rollbacks, and time taken to recover?

What are the best practices for implementing next-gen DevOps Engineering Services? (Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.)

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