Learn how you can test more reliably, increase deployment speeds, facilitate easier updates and improve scalability


Know how Containers enable DevOps and increase 
the velocity of application delivery 

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The One-stop Guide to Getting Application Containerization Right

Are you bogged down by the performance of your virtual machines, which are causing problems such as delays in development, unreliable testing, slow deployment, and scalability issues?

Download the eBook to know how Containers enable DevOps and increase the velocity of application delivery

The core value proposition of containers is that they play a crucial role in DevOps by enabling rapid delivery of applications. Development teams can move fast, deploy efficiently, and operate at an exceptional scale with the help of containers. Containerization enables seamless delivery across all environments - development, testing, staging, and production.

The eBook ‘Containers – The Answer to Modernizing App Development’ explains how containers are redefining the world of DevOps by streamlining the development workflow.

Containers vs VMs: Why Containers are ideal for rapid development environments



The benefits offered by open source containerization platforms

How containers promote infrastructure agnosticism to cut down costs and drive efficiency



The advantages of breaking down larger applications into microservices before containerization


Containers – The Answer to Modernizing App Development

This eBook explores the journey of an enterprise that adopted containers and goes into detail about the following:

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