Learn how you can cut down costs, gain complete visibility,  and map out your entire cloud adoption journey in 7 steps


Learn how you can cut down costs, gain complete visibility,  and map out 
your entire cloud adoption journey in 7 steps

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The One-stop Guide to your Cloud Adoption Journey

Are you troubled by 
hidden complexities, unforeseen costs, and limited visibility into your cloud consumption?

Essential Steps for a 
Successful Move to the Cloud  

Cloud adoption allows enterprises to drive IT modernization initiatives and deliver greater value to their customers by standardizing, automating and consolidating,  services and technologies. 

The eBook ‘Essential Steps for a Successful Move to the Cloud’ serves as a ready reckoner for use before, during,  and after your journey to the cloud to avoid the common pitfalls.

Build a Cloud Roadmap

The two approaches to prioritize applications that need to be migrated


Modernize apps

Learn how to modernize applications for performance improvement and scalability


Define the Migration Process


Learn how to set up the subscriptions, the right identity and access policies

Cloud Setup, Licensing, and Governance

Determine the correct resources, governance policies and licensing models for your setup


Plan for apps that require code refactoring


Identify apps that need refactoring and how to go about doing it

Establish Monitoring and Management Practices

Assess the post-migration transition to daily operations and identify metrics to monitor


Optimize the cloud environment

Learn about the three ways to improve cloud usage efficiency and avoid over-consumption



Download the eBook and get to know the following essential seven steps in detail:

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