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The client, an application provider for non-profit social service agencies, engaged us to migrate their web application and data to Microsoft Azure cloud and get rid of the challenges posed by their legacy systems. With the increasing popularity of their application, the client wanted to deploy their app in the cloud in order to scale dynamically and adapt quickly to the changing and growing needs of their customers. This migration ensured high scalability of applications, ease of management and onboarding of new customers, and tight security and backup for both data and applications.

From this case study you can learn how the client:

  1. Saved on 30% of compute and storage costs by migrating their application to the cloud
  2. Gained a 40% increase in deployment frequency and speed of launching new features
  3. Achieved a 10X scalable infrastructure and elasticity of resources backed by NetEnrich
Download the Case Study to learn how the client swiftly migrated their on-premise application to the cloud to achieve high scalability and tight security of data.


NetEnrich’s swift migration of an on premise application to the cloud

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