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Unified Communications (UC) technologies unify communications in a common context over multiple technologies and devices. They optimize business processes, increase user productivity, and enhance human communications by reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.

NetEnrich next gen Services for UC infrastructure (Cisco UC & Microsoft Lync) provides cost-effective 24×7 managed services for management of both core UC infrastructure as well as UC end-users, phones, mailboxes, and agents. NetEnrich meets the availability, reliability, quality, and cost demands of business users, contact centers, network, and IT departments by monitoring and pro-actively managing each and every UC component in the environment, including and extending into the network infrastructure.

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Are Our UC Services Right For Your Situation?

Are you part of an UC and/or contact center environment that either doesn’t have, or doesn’t want to invest in skill-sets to manage and support end-to-end UC systems (core UC back-end systems & apps, end-user phones, mailboxes, agents, etc.,) for reasons such as complexity, resource pressures, cost, skills availability, risk, and focus, etc.,? Or, are you not obtaining the cost savings that you thought you’d get with UC?
If you are, then NetEnrich provides full 24×7 management services for UC:

  • Full management services for all core UC infrastructure – devices, applications (e.g. call manager, contact center, unity, etc.,)
  • Full management, support, and MACDs of phones, end-users, agents, and mailboxes
  • Bundled professional services to handle related add-on or optional activities, e.g., assessment, discovery, re-design, on-boarding, and UC optimization


Some Popular UC Use Cases And Challenges That We Solve:

  • Fix UC outages
  • Fix UCCE that is in split brain mode – i.e. mode in which each database server does not know the high availability (HA) role of its redundant peer, and cannot determine which server currently has the primary HA role. In split brain mode, data modifications may have been made on either node, but those changes may not be replicated to the peer. Also, neither node may be functioning in the primary HA role.
  • Provide end-to-end call management for end-users or contact center agents
  • Solve problems for users in remote offices who are not able to call local pizza chain or other numbers
  • Solve choppy voice problems during monthly sales conference calls for remote site users
  • Fix problems with phones switching back and forth between sub1 and sub2
  • Solve problems with unregistered phones for work-from-home users
  • Perform analysis of agents logged in or calls in queue
  • Perform analysis of top-talkers
  • Address challenges with UC and or contact center performance such as outages, availability, capacity, security, and not being first to know of troubles
  • Resolve challenges with UC staffing such as that either lack of talented UC resources, or talented and expensive resources spending too much time on UC management and not enough time on strategic initiatives


Our Service Offerings:

NetEnrich Next Gen Services for Cisco UC provides the visibility and control necessary for the management of the entire infrastructure that makes up the UC stack – servers, networks, applications, storage, phones, and mailboxes.

  • Industry-standard 24×7 alert monitoring checks the availability and performance of VoIP systems, hardware errors, QoS, call statistics, and hardware & software components in UC infrastructure. Skilled and specialized UC NOC personnel review incoming alerts and log files to quickly pinpoint an issue and proceed to remediation and to take corrective action.
  • Monitors understand VoIP traffic characteristics and ensure successful implementation and sustained service level compliance for VoIP. VoIP service level killers such as excessive jitter, packet loss, latency or poor MOS are exposed by monitors to help pinpoint bottlenecks.
  • Services for change management and MACDs (Move, Add, Change, Delete) for core UC infrastructure, as well as end-users, phones, mailboxes, and contact center agents.
  • Circuit management services extends the alert or incident management responsibilities for telco circuit related issues (SIP, PRI, or Analog). NetEnrich will support vendor escalations to ISPs or telcos for issues related to internet, leased lines, or MPLS circuits in the event of link down, high latency, or high interface errors.
  • Location bandwidth usage analysis services. NetEnrich captures location bandwidth usage statistics from Cisco UC Manager to understand inter-site call volume pattern during peak hours. This information is used for trend analysis as part of QoS optimization. The bandwidth and priority queue configured on WAN links are correlated, and recommendations are provided to either increase priority queue settings, or allocate more bandwidth to links and/or locations in question. This proactively addresses any potential call drops experienced by end-users due to lack of available bandwidth between sites.


Benefits Of NetEnrich UC Managed Services

Multiple benefits accrue from NetEnrich UC managed services:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end 24×7 managed services solution for UC
  • High service levels for UC and contact centers, e.g, 99.9%+ availability and first to know 97% of time
  • Access to, and on-demand availability of advanced UC skillsets – e.g. CCIE, CCNA (a typically expensive skillset, due the high level of competition for these skills in market)
  • Free up of skilled resources to work on more strategic projects — so you can focus on core areas strategic to your business
  • Enhanced service delivery & governance of the UC environment
  • Risk management
  • Cost control, lower TCO (up to 40% cost savings), and improved ROI of end-to-end UC environment and operations
  • Up to 25% cost reduction (agent counts) and/or higher revenues from contact center environment through optimization, self-service, automation, and targeted app development (DevOps model)